Michael A. Davis Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 12:53:45 -0400

Hi Dale,

We have been using TSGraph on a daily basis to monitor port usage, and
it's a wonderful tool. But... there's always a but! It's not showing usage
of the ISDN ports on our Total Control. The ISDN ports start at port 102,
and they show up fine on the Calls Online page, but nothing on the graphs
created by TSGraph. I'm still using Emerald 2.1.11, and am in the process
of building a new SQL/Radius server with RadiusNT 2.5, then I'll add Emerald
2.5 to a workstation.

Do you think the problem will be fixed with 2.5? Or have I just missed
something in my current configuration?

Thanks, Mike