Re: Radius login info gone ?

Alan D. Criado ( (no email) )
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 16:35:21 -0400

Hi Greg. You CAN limit logins now with Radius NT 2.5.

Go into Radius NT Administrator, then ODBC OPTIONS.



Then you can limit each SERVICE within Emerald to as many logins as you
wish. I believe it defaults to one login.

Take care.

Alan D. Criado

At 02:26 AM 7/12/98 +1000, Greg H wrote:
>I have always run radius in a dos window with -x15,mainly so i can see
>whats going on during a login ,(usually incorrect passwords:)).
>After a fresh Install of radiusnt 2.5 and Emerald.
>My problem is that now,when i start "radius -x15" I it doesnt show any
>info when a user dials in.Im thinking that perhaps I should be running
>it as a service and get the info i want ,such as errors encountered
>during a dial in etc.Where would i look for that info ?
>Also im looking for a good ,easy reliable way to limit an user to one
>dial in at a time.Any suggestions ?Even something will limit ALL users
>to one at a time will do :) Is it as simple as adding something to the
>radius dictionary and one line is the user file ? I think there is
>login limit options in emerald but they do not work for me.Im assuming
>that they will work with the appropriate additions to radius dictionary
>and user file.Am i on the right track here ?
>Thanks Peoples