Re: Emerald Blues

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 08 Jul 1998 22:36:03 -0700

Victor Alba wrote:
> I hope anyone out there can give me an idea of what is happening with Emerlad.
> This is a summary of what is happening in Emerald once the program is open:
> "Accounts Tab"
> ---------------
> 1)Having the box "Search services also" box checked all users are loaded
> and displayed on the screen.

With Search services also checked, Emerald only searches those MBRs who
have services. MBRs w/out services are not searched unless the "search
services also" checkbox is unchecked.

> 2)If we search for a Specific user using his/her "lastname" we get a "not
> found" message.

With the SSA checked, Emerald searches the service last name. With it
unchecked it searches the MBR last name. Some people do not realize that
these two are NOT the same thing.

> 3)If we search for "Company" the MBR is located, the information is
> displayed but the "services tab" is empty ?!?

Is it possible that this MBR doesn't have any services?

> 4)If we search for "login" we obtain the same as for "company".

You also might wnat to try the Services..Reload option. It will tell
Emerald to reload the services that are associated to the MBR.

> "Reports Tab"
> --------------
> 1) NO matter what report we try to run we get an "SQL Server Error" box

I would make sure you download the reports from the website. Some
of the Emerald 2.1 reports errorneously looked for an Emerald2 database
specificcally, which would cause this problem. If you open up a report
in Crystal Reports, you can use the Database...view SQL to see if it
has Emerald2 in it (and change it to just Emerald).

> "Batch Tab"
> --------------
> 1) As soon as we click on the "Batch Tab" we get an "SQL Error" box

This is most likely an issue with Emerald 2.2. Your database doesn't
have a correct ExternalTrans table. Emerlad is trying to find bad
transactions, but the SQL Statement is failing. This could also
be a permissions issue. Does it give this error when logged in as

> "On-line Tab"
> --------------
> 1) As soon as we click on the Tab we get "SQL Command Failed"
> Just in case you ask.... Radius runs fine.

This is most likel a database problem as well. Either your
callsonline query is not in your database or there is a permission

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