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Michael Whisenant ( )
Wed, 08 Jul 1998 11:17:08 -0500


I am a strong supporter of USR's chassis for the last few years. With
that said I have on-site one of the PM3's doing an eval, and really like
it. The support with Lucent is different than before when I had PM's with
Livingston, but the same can be said about 3Com vs USR. If you are dead
set against the TC platform, then the PM3 or PM4 for high density chassis
is the next best option, in my opinon. I have used the Ascend 4xxx series
and can not comment on the TNT platform, but ease of use, features, and
pricing either the USR or the Lucent is a good value. You CAN NOT go wrong
with either purchase.

It is not that one is better than the other, its which one intergrates
into your current business plan, and which one offers greater scalability
down the road, personally and professionally I recommend the 3Com solution
over the Lucent one. You can find people with bad experiences with any
equipment, and you will find hundreds of happy user with each. If not then
the compnay would not be continuing to sale them as customers would revolt.
My business has grown 530% in the last two years, thanks in part to my
decision to use USR/3Com. I supported both K56Flex and x2 for several
months and know the trials of each. Develop a relationship with the
vendor/supplier and make a long term look at where you are now, and where
you plan to be, the figure out which product solves the needs.

At 10:51 AM 7/8/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I will be upgrading our NAS to do 56k and have found that populating my max
>with 56k cards would cost more than buying a new max already populated with
>I have a flyer from lucent about the portmaster 3 and would like anyones
>feed back regarding the Portmaster and or lucents support now that they own
>Other than Ascend's non RFC of the disconnect cause code i've been happy
>with ascend.
>Anyone with a portmaster have any gripes about it?
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