Re: Remote Printing

Daniel Wood ( )
Thu, 02 Jul 1998 16:02:26 -0700

At 11:59 AM 7/2/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Daniel Wood wrote:
>> I just set up a NT 4.0 machine to access use Emerald remotely. I can
>> get everything to work excepte the printing. When I set up the DSN
>> in the ODBC it can't seem to find the SQL Server. Emerald and the
>> SQL Enterprise can find the SQL Server just find. Does anybody have
>> any ideas on what I might be doing wrong.
>What version of ODBC are you using? If its 3.x are you specifying
>a trusted connection (which is the default and probably will not
>work) or use a name specified? Assuming you are not spelling the
>name incorrectly, its rare that once you have dblibe working (EM)
>that there is an odbc problem.

Its version and I do specify a trusted connection. One thing
did I find out is that if I login into the Domain using the dialup
network when I log into the NT server then everything works just find.
Is there a way to set it up so I don't have to login as part of the
domain to make it work?