Re: ServU Setup .dll

Kelly Wright ( (no email) )
Thu, 2 Jul 1998 05:48:38 -0500

In the interium can I just change to the emerauth.dll and it start working?
I realize I have to change servu settings to point to the emerauth.

>> Kelly Wright wrote:
>> Is there a setup procedure for using the emerauth.dll? Right now I am
>> using the emer_su.dll. I would like to switch for obvious reasons. I
>> am tired of having to reset the dll everytime we have a problem.
>I'm working on a final install of EmerAuth that will be included
>in the RadiusNT or Emerald installations (you choose the options you
>want). It will also include an Admin (like the RadiusNT Admin) to
>easily configure it.
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