RE: Altering a Table

John Davies ( (no email) )
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 09:24:15 -0700

>> I would like to increase the length of the login column in the subaccounts
>> table. Enterprise Manager will not let me as far as I can tell.
>Unfortunately, you can't in SQL Server. The two options you have is
>to rebuild the table (like bcp the info out, break the relationships,
>re-create the table, and bcp the information back in, and re-create
>the relationships. The other option is to rename the old column and
>create a new one with the login name. I wish there was an easier
>way. :(

You can do this using Desktop DBA from Platinum. It does all of the work behind
the scenes to rename the table, create a new table with the new structure, load
the data back in and re-establish all dependencies. I've used it for a couple
of years and had no problems in this area.

I think DB Artisan will do the same thing.

Regards, John.