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I run my Radius/SQL server on a PII-300 with an Adaptec (1mb) raid-5
controller with 3 UWSCSI hard drives. I also have 128mB of ram. This works
pretty good, expect I wish I bought a DPT card instead of an Adaptec
controller. This setup cost me 7 bills a year ago 1 of which was for the
rack mount case.
If you run SQL on the same machine as your Radius you may want to separate
them and give the better hardware to the radius server.
Before this machine I ran the same exact setup as you p133, 96mb of ram, 3gb
hard drive, and NT SP3 SQL 6.5. Also it turned out the majority of the slow
on this machine was bad ram. I found this out when I used the ram on a Linux
mail server it was dog slow and it was eating the ram.

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I need some advise on this topic...

Please read before you flame me for having such a slow server. That is the
reason for this eMail.

Currently our SQL Server is the following:
NT 4.0 sp3
MS SQL 6.5
Intel P133
96 MB Ram

This machine was fine when we only had 500 users, now with 1300 we are
finding that it isn't filling our needs. We need to optimize our server
for one specific reason.

1. Running checkdb, nightly maint, truncate, delete start records, and
other SQL intensive process takes FOOOOOREVER!!! Like 3 hours each.

It auths just fine, reports go OK, and 95% of the time it is overkill,
because it just sits there at about 5 - 10% utilization.

(Un)-fortunatly, we run SQLMAINT.exe and do a datadump and other process's,
every night about 3AM and no one can log in during the next 3 hours because
the server is so busy it won't auth. I have thought about running a text
file version on the secondary radius server, but I am afraid the text file
will not get run EVERY night, so new users will not be able to log in.

Is there a way to optimize the servers memory or do something to speed up
this process. The server is only using about 50MB of the available ram.
Will increasing it's SQL usage help much?

Our datadumps get to about 300MB before we delete the start records and
truncate. Will it help to have more ram? More ram alocatted to SQL?

JOhn :}

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