Re: NTMail Authentication not working

Thomas Massano ( )
Fri, 19 Jun 1998 10:37:09 -0400

At 04:56 PM 6/18/98 , you wrote:
>Thomas Massano wrote:
>> Added the ESID registry value of 1 to the radius registry. I do not know if
>> this is it for sure, but it was the only external i created, so i guessed
>> it must be 1.
>Open up isql_w and run this query. You are looking for the
>ExternalSystemID field for the NTMail entry:
>Select * From ExternalSystems

Returned 1

>> Also changed the user name to sa and gave it the appropriate password.
>> Created an ODBC System DSN called Radius and pointed it to the SQL server.
>Did you configure the ODBCDataSource registry entry to point to that
>DSN? Does RadiusNT run against the database correctly?

Yes it is Radius. Yes it does.

>> I apologize i have no idea how to trace the odbc to see if it is working.
>> But i set it up exactly like i did on the serv-u ftp server and that one
>> works. The ntmail works if i create a user in ITs user DB. I am using the
>> same user id and pass i used to test the ascend and the serv-u.
>Define a "logfile" in the registry and the emer_ntm.dll will write
>relevant information to that for debugging. That should help a lot.

Is this a DB problem? Is there an error list description somewhere?
Thanks for all of your help Dale.

Initializing Winsock...
ODBC Datasource: 'Radius'...
Making ODBC Connection...
MS SQL Server Mode Enabled
ODBC Datasource: 'Radius'...
Making ODBC Connection...
MS SQL Server Mode Enabled
Licensed MBRs: 500
Accounting Column 0 (16): 'NASIdentifier'
Accounting Column 1 (4): 'NASPort'
Accounting Column 2 (10): 'AcctSessionID'
Accounting Column 3 (1): 'AcctStatusType'
Accounting Column 4 (16): 'CallDate'
Accounting Column 5 (32): 'UserName'
Accounting Column 6 (1): 'UserService'
Accounting Column 7 (4): 'AcctDelayTime'
Accounting Column 8 (4): 'AcctSessionTime'
Accounting Column 9 (4): 'FramedProtocol'
Accounting Column 10 (16): 'FramedAddress'
Accounting Column 11 (4): 'AcctInputOctets'
Accounting Column 12 (4): 'AcctOutputOctets'
Accounting Column 13 (1): 'AcctTerminateCause'
Accounting Column 14 (1): 'NASPortType'
Accounting Column 15 (10): 'NASPortDNIS'
16 Accounting Columns Loaded

Enterprise features enabled.

RadiusNT (Emerald Standard) Initialized...

Jun 19 10:29:45 1998 VerifyUser
Jun 19 10:29:45 1998 VerifyUser Error: 3


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