Re: EmerAuth & Serv-U

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 18 Jun 1998 12:40:31 -0400

> From: Ray Carpenter <>
> I tried to upgrade serv-u from emer_su.dll to the new emerauth.dll and
> serv-u reports that it cannot load or find emerauth.dll. This was
> fine with the previous emer_su.dll. I added the reg entries from the
> and created the storedproc verifyftpuser. I also added the homedirlimit
> column in the db.

I'm not using "emerauth.dll" at the moment, but you'll have to change the
c:\Program Files\Serv-U\Serv-u.ini
(or emer_su.dll if you're using one of the older versions)

Stop/restart the Serv-U service (if you have it running as one).

Josh Hillman