Multiple IP address pools

Joe Bissot ( (no email) )
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 20:39:42 -0700

I am evaluating Emerald for use with my ISP service. We have one requirement
that I can't seem to get straight, maybe you could help me. We have some
businesses that purchase blocks of dial up accounts. All those account need
to be assigned an address from a specific address pool. So group one would
have IP subnet 1 and group 2 would have IP subnet 2 etc... It seems that I
can do this with Emerald but that it only works with certain access

I was told the Ascend Max's would work. I was given the impression that in
order to this I would have to support to ascend only radius attributes of
ascend-define-ip-address-pool and ascend-assign-ip-address-pool {something
like that :)}. Talking to Bay Networks they are telling me that they support
this kind of configuration from the Radius software rather than the NAS.
They are using Funk software's steel belted Radius.

What NAS can I use? We are using Bay Networks 8000s and were looking at USR
TCs? I was told the PM3 absolutely wouldn't work?

Thanks in advance...

Joe Bissot