RE: Emerald would not issue a Renewal-Invoice

Greg Keys ( (no email) )
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 17:10:49 -0400


Dale, you were right per our conversation that the dates were overlapping.
For anyone interested, here is the script I wrote that lists the offending
if this turns up your invoices your problem is overlap.

select i.invoiceid,

from invoices i, masteraccounts ma, invoiceitems ii, payments p

where i.customerid=ma.customerid
and i.enddate>ma.maexpiredate
and (ii.invoiceid=i.invoiceid and ii.paymentid<>null)
and ii.paymentid=p.paymentid

order by i.invoiceid

The offending invoices can be changed with an UPDATE Statement that sets
i.startdate=DATEADD(month,-1,ma.maexpiredate) and sets

This does assume that all the offending invoices are for a one month period
and will require some minor adjustment if this is not the case.

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> Richard Sensale wrote:
> >
> > Mine is doing the same thing now. I tried setting the batch
> for like 4/1/98
> > and still nothing even though we have multiple unpaid invoices.
> Im running
> > 2.11.1
> > >emerald just won't issue a renewal for customer that expired
> on May 17, it
> > did not issue in the batch process nor on the manual Renewal
> issuance I've
> > tried 2.2.23 or 2.2.42 and same thing "No new invoices to create!"
> The typical reason for this is because you moved the expiration
> date of the MBR back, and not have an overlapping billing cycle.
> You must either void the overlapping invoice, or move the expiration
> date to the enddate of the last invoice for it to bill the customer.
> Use the history tab on the MBR, find the last invoice, and check the
> end date. Then compare that to the expire date. The exipre date
> MUST be latter (or equal to) that end date.
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