Re: Billing Renewals

Webjogger ( (no email) )
Mon, 25 May 1998 08:55:37 -0400

>> From everything that I have read when creating renewals we should be able
>> to enter a Date in the Future and all accounts that expire in that period
>> of time would create renewal Bills. My problem is I put the expiry date
>> for 06/06/98 and it creates ALL renewals right to the end of June. As I
>> asked earlier I thought this would only create invoices to June 6.
>> I have had this problem for a couple of months but this time made sure to
>> be extra careful. I must have to change some sort of default but where?

>If you are running 2.2 or later...
>Click on File, Preferences, Incremental Batch

If you select Incremental Batch mode, all accounts which expire from the
first of the month up to the date you enter on the batch tab will be

(If today is 5/25 and you enter 5/30/98 in the Date field, all accounts
expiring between 5/1/98 and 5/30/98 which have not been billed will be

Be careful, because if you enter a date in the following month, only
accounts which expire in that month will be billed.

(i.e. if today is 5/25 and you enter 6/10/98, only accounts expiring from
6/1/98-6/10/98 will be billed)

So, if you want to bill over a two-month period, two separate batches must
be run.

(i.e. if today is 5/25, first enter 5/31/98 and batch, then enter 6/10/98
then batch)