Re: Credit Card Batching

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 12 May 1998 14:27:28 -0700

Robert H. Clugston wrote:
> List,
> I now have PCAuthorize from Card Service Int. I was wondering can I use
> this to batch credit cards with Emerald, how do I set it up, and how do I
> use it. For some reason I couldn't find these instructions in the manual
> (I'm sure I saw it.)

In a nutshell:

1. Select PC Authorize in the Emerald Admin, Config Client, External. The
batch in/out files should be what PCA is going to use (this is how the
two communicate, basically).

2. On the Batch tab of Emerald run a CC batch, just like you do renewals,
except selecting CC rather than renewal.

3. The select the batch out under the CC section. This will write the
file that PCA will read in.

4. Go into PCA and read the batch file in (this part I can't tell you
how to do). Process the batch, and PCA should write a result file (this
is what the second file in the Emerald Admin should point to).

5. Back in Emerald, Batch tab, run the CC batch in. This will read
the PCA batch file and apply payments for authorized, and give you the
option to deal with the bad ones.

Also note, you must re-start the Emerald client if you change the CC
type for it to take effect.

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