Printing Batch Invoices

Greg Keys ( (no email) )
Tue, 12 May 1998 16:59:19 -0400

OK, I am now stumped......
When I enter a date under batch with a type of renewal, I am able to create
When I click Print, the report runs (sorta)
The report pops up behind the emerald screen, and a dialog box pops up on
top asking if I want to mark these invoices as sent (but I can not see the
report, and have not printed them yet)
When I answer the question as YES the Invoice report pops to the foreground,
showing that there are 0 (zero) invoices - (pretty looking invoice but
Looking at the invoices with SQL directly, I can see that the SentDate is
still null.
The report (invoice.rpt) runs fine in Crystal Reports

Any ideas?