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Michael Whisenant ( )
Mon, 11 May 1998 08:53:48 -0500

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>Are you referring to Servers.Ports table for Emerald? That field is
>practically irrelevant, excpt for when creating/re-ported a NAS. The
>most important fields, Calls.NASPort and ServerPorts.Port, are both
>type integer.
>I would guess hope that it would correctly align the numbers. For
>example, 1001 for 10/1 and 101 for 1/1, etc. Then there shouldn't
>be an issue. If not, there isn't anything you can do about it.
Well I can not find any pattern. I am opening a P1 incident with USR, err
3COM and gather what I hope is the pattern to the madness. Since I have 2
HiPer ARC Routers, the first one owns the HiPer DSPs in slots 1,3,5,7,9 and
the second owns those in 2,4,6,8,10. I tried to re-port to 9999 in hopes
to locate a pattern, and am still not sure. I have Zipped (to reduce
space) the information you requested.

>USR, err, 3Com, has such a looser site. I've never been able to
>find the technical information I needed (plenty of marketing, but
>nada for support. Just search for "RADIUS" on their FAQ search
>and you'll get a whole two entries returned!) on their website.
>Trying to download the documentation is even worse, since they only
>let "privledged" people get to that. Geeze.
I'll see to it that you get a password to access to
web site. Have you tried to see just what information you can gather as a

>> 1.2 I have stray accounting packets when I telnet into the HiPer
Arcs that
>> are constantly retransmitting. I remember Brian Lube had a solution, but
>> it now escapes me. This excessive accounting packets should die after the
>> max transmissions, yet they do not.
>What does RadiusNT show for those in -x15 debug mode? They could be
>admin accounting, or possibly ones RadiusNT doesn't like and isn't
>acking (like no username, etc). Adding defaults to the columns in
>the Calls table that don't allow NULL will correct most of those kind
>of problems.

As I recall the ports field is empty.....
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