CC Batch w/ address verification

Michael Bell ( )
Sat, 9 May 98 09:12:29 EST

I have been using the "PTC w/o AVS" CC Batch Format for some time and it
has been working great. As of April 1st I have to use address verification.
My credit card processor, Card Services, tells me that address verification
means the numeric portion of the street address and zip code.

I selected the "PTC with AVS" CC Batch Format in the Emerald Administrator
under Client Configuration but it seems to only put out the zip code and not
the address. I tried all of the other CC Batch Formats and only the "PC
Charge" format puts out address but it expects two input files that my
software will not handle. It also does not put out name.

Am I missing something with "PTC with AVS"? Is there a way that it will
put out both zip code and address? Any Suggestions?

-- Mike Bell                   

Assistant System AdministratorMAP Internet