RE: Mailsite's SQL Query for listservs

Rockliffe Sales ( (no email) )
Fri, 8 May 1998 18:25:45 -0700

Hi Barry,

>We are currently using Mailsite for our e-mail server and have a question
>for those of you using Mailsite. Using the SQL edition ,I see there is a
>way to query the Emerald DB when using the Listserv function. If we were to
>query "Group1" from the Emerald DB, does this dynamically "grab" all of the
>entries in "group1" each time it sends a message to the list? Anyway, we
>are relatively new to SQL and would like some help with a script that would
>query all users in a specific group.

By default, MailSite will attempt to select the EmailAddress and FullName from
a database table with the same name as the list.

You can override this behavior by entering a specific SQL query into the list
configuration. As long as the query returns two columns, EmailAddress and
FullName, it will work.

Make sure that the ODBC DSN that you specify in the list configuration is a
System DSN. MailSite needs a System DSN because the services are logged into
NT as the SYSTEM user.

Regards, John.