Transaction Log

Jeff Cummings ( )
Wed, 6 May 1998 09:09:16 -0700

I have a general question about SQL Transaction Logs.

I'm attempting to do consolidation on about 850,000 call records and I
continue to get good old error 1105, (transaction log) on my TEMPDB.

My question pertains to this:

When I go into the TempDB and click Edit, it shows the Log as (shared with

Do I need to specifically define a log file for the TempDB? I have a log
device for my other databases, but I am unclear if TempDB uses the log
device of the database, or does it require it's own.

I have run all of the DBCC maintenance I can think of to correct the Log
devices, and that worked great, but continue to receive Error 1105 on

Jeff Cummings
Systems Analyst
Fox Communications