Urgent help needed with emer_nt.dll

Derrick Young ( (no email) )
Wed, 6 May 1998 09:06:52 -0400

Ok I am trying to get this thing working and having no luck with it so far.

Initialy I was getting a message that it could not connect to the
emer_nt.dll so
I changed the user id and password in the registry and that stopped that

I have verified all the registry settings to the txt file that goes through
the installation and they are all correct.

I do not see anything in the Radius logs refering to the dll

whenever I try to send mail to an emerlad user I get user unknown and same
thing when I try and check the mail of an emerlad user
Please help as we are supposed to be live today with Emerlad

Derrick Young MCSE
The NewNET Technologies Group