Re: Procedures

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 04 May 1998 14:19:44 -0700

Michael Whisenant wrote:
> This next batch, I'll call the mystery records. They span several months
> and contain Null for the UserName. I do not understand a Null accounting
> packet, can someone explain this? Also since I do not care about the Nulls
> (or do I?) is it safe to simply delete these call records? I assume I
> could run the following script to clear them out?

If RadiusNT receives an accounting record w/out a username, it supplements
the string "NULL", which is NOT the same as the actuall NULL column value.

> Delete From Calls
> Where AcctStatusType = 2 AND UserName = ""

To delete them, you would say AND UserName = "NULL"

> The next batch I'll refer to as deadbeats. These are the majority of the
> records remaining. They contain stop records for user accounts that are no
> longer valid. For example a user that did not pay the bill or cancelled
> and there is not subaccount in the database. Since I have deleted the
> account and the information, I assume that Emerald has no way to process
> the call table in the consolidation? Therefore I can manually delete these
> call records. I can parse the invalid names and make a simple delete
> statement as above that would remove them.

A query like this would clean them out, but it might take a while to process: