Re: Call Consolidation Problems

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 13:23:50 -0700

> James Sandusky wrote:
> I get this error after running call consolidation for about 12 hours straight
> in Emerald. A box pops up saying (Error deleting old records table) with an
> OK button.
> The database has 300mb of space with 130mb free. After trying this a coupld
> of times it had 0mb free. I then ran the checkdb.sql script against the
> database and it put me back to 128mb free.
> Any idea what would cause this? I ran checkdb.sql before I did the call
> consolidation, also. Another bit of information is that I've never ran call
> consolidation before. I did manually delete all call records for 1997 and all
> statustype = 1 records. So I'm trying to consolidate around 4 months of
> activity for 700 users.

Most likely you are running out of log space. What I would recommend is to
split your log device. To do this, go into Enterprise Manager and create a
new Database device that is about 200mb. Call it EmeraldLog. Then edit your
Emerald Database and expand JUST your log segment onto this new database device.
This should free up some of your 300mb, but most importantly, you'll be able
to differentiate between the two. I'm guessing if your calls table is about
150mb, you will need that much log space available, which you don't, in order
to delete the call information. There is a DeleteCalls stored procedure
in Emerald 2.2 that you can manually run to delete the call records (just use
something like "DeleteCalls 2") if the summary portion finished OK.

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