ISPJOBS.ORG finally open

Rik Thomas ( )
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 11:21:00 -0400

I just wanted to let everyone know that is
"Officially" open now.

What ISPJOBS is:

ISPJOBS is for all Internet Companies to post jobs that they would like
filled. This additional exposure will hopefully find the right candidate
for you. Best of all this is a free service.

ISPJOBS is for all Internet Professionals to post their resumes, we even
have an anonymous email feature.

We offer key-word searches for the entire site.

We will not allow recruiters/headhunters to post openings on the site.
Each job opening must have a valid URL of the company posting the job.
Each submission will be checked for this.

This service is confidential, no information will be released on any
Company or Individual requesting anonymity.

All submissions will be reviewed and should be posted online within 24
hours. This way we can contact the originators if clarification is
requested and also it allows us to verify each submission.

We have a feedback form for the site, please use it. We want to make the
site a really cool place to go to. Please tell your friends.

As of today we have two jobs listed and about 4 or 5 resumes listed. Check
them out.

Thanks again to everyone for their patience.

Take care,
Rik Thomas