RE: Call Consolidation Problems

Tom Bilan ( )
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 10:59:47 -0400

Also, what is the size of your tempdb. You may be running out of
temporary space. I bumped my from 2mb to 50mb.


Open SEM (SQL Enterprise Manager) and do server->error log. You may =
more detailed information there.


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> Subject: Call Consolidation Problems
> I get this error after running call consolidation for about 12 hours
> straight in Emerald.=A0=A0 A box pops up saying (Error deleting old
> records table) with an OK button.=20
> =A0
> The database has 300mb of space with 130mb free.=A0 After trying this =
> coupld of times it had 0mb free.=A0 I then ran the checkdb.sql script
> against the database and it put me back to 128mb free.=A0=20
> =A0
> Any idea what would cause this?=A0 I ran checkdb.sql before I did the
> call consolidation, also. Another bit of information is that I've
> never ran call consolidation before.=A0 I did manually delete all =
> records for 1997 and all statustype =3D 1 records.=A0 So I'm trying =
> consolidate around 4 months of activity for 700 users.
> =A0
> Any help would be appreciated.
> =A0
> James Sandusky
> ViaGrafix