Re: [Fwd: Failed mail: unknown user]

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 09:05:08 -0700

Dusan Janjic wrote:
> Duh!!!!
> Sent wrong, sorry. works, just gotta get the spelling of emerald
correct. :)

> The requested destination was:
> I am thoroughly confused, to my question:
> Where do you "grab" 2.2.38? I looked at FTP site under Emerald/beta,
> last time I downloaded
> 2.2.xx I've got our current version which is 2.2.23
> You told me:
> 2.2.38 is the current 2.2 beta in /Emerald/beta/emerald22.
> I went there and downladed the current and after I
> installed it it was still 2.2.23. I have seen there which I
> grabbed as well. After I installed it just replacing current Emerald.exe
> and tried to use it, it didn't work. It produced SQL Error.
> I would really like to implement Post.Office 3.X integration and that is
> the only reason I am getting 2.2.38, please let me know where I can find
> it. It is not where you said it is.

Ok. I thought that was 2.2.38. I'll check on it. The Emerald.exe in
that directory is just the client Emerald 2.2.38. I copied another copy
of it up there for you as well. Take your pick.

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