Re: Pre-Activated Accounting System

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 09:52:14 -0700

Unknown wrote:
> We would like to sell pre-activated cards with pre-printed usernames
> & passwords and then proceed in one of the following manners:
> 1. Have customers login, create and setup their accounts via html,
> and use their accounts until
> the preset amount of hours they purchased are used. And the be
> able to re-charge hours
> into their account from more pre-activated credits.
> 2. Have customers login, create and setup their accounts via html,
> and add a cash amount defined
> by the pre-activated credit(s) to their account and then choose a
> billing plan on a set billing
> cycle.
> So far I have looked at and tested quite a few packages(including RODOPI,
> Playtipus, HAWKi, BIG, etc.),
> and the two remaining survivors are Emerald and Radius ABM. Can I do the
> above with emerald?
> From what I gathered so far I would need Cold Fusion, plus a few scripts
> that are available when I purchase Emerald, no? But, what else will I need
> to do, and is this even feasibly possible?

With the timke banking options in Emerald, you can setup accounts and
have the their times removed from what they have left. Once they run
out, they would have to purchase more time in order to continue.

You can modify the Cold Fusion signup scripts we have to make the account
with say two hours to start, and then have them purchase more time either
on-line or by calling you. I don't see any reason why you couldn't do
what you are looking for with Emerald.

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