NTMail Auth DLL - read all about it !!

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Sat, 18 Apr 1998 00:50:22 +0800

My friend, Andrew Smith has the following to say:


The product line is called "DewAuth"
The company you will need to purchase it from is Solutions.nu
http://www.solutions.nu (Information to be on the web site later today)
The product lines goal is to provide authentication bridges between
different server products on the Windows NT platform. The development
already completed has provided a core set of code that Solutions.nu can use
to rapidly develop solutions for inter-software authentications. The way the
code has been developed will provide for an easy path to future releases of
Currently the following is slated for release:
DewAuth NTMail/NTRadius
Provides authentication for NTMail from the NTRadius ODBC datasource
Expected Beta : 4/20/98
Expected Release: 4/27/98
DewAuth Serv-U/NTRadius
Provides user/password authentication for Serv-U from the NTRadius ODBC
Expected Beta : 4/17/98
Expected Release: 4/27/98
DewAuth IIS/NTRadius
Provides authentication for Microsoft Internet Information Server (or any
server supporting ISAPI filters) to the NTRadius ODBC Datasource
Expected Beta : 4/17/98
Expected Release: 4/27/98

Future possibilities:
NTMail/Serv-U or Serv-U/NTMail, IIS/NTMail, IIS/Serv-U (These may never
show up, just possibilities. See how much interest is given)

The cost of each DLL is $150. Evaluation version will be available. The
evaluation versions will produce "Evaluation" nags in your NT Event Log as
well as expiring after 30 days.
The complete set (these three DLL's) can be purchased for $375 (savings of
PO's, Credit Card, and Checks will be accepted. (More info on this will be
on the web site once the betas are ready and the web site is ready)
Whats needed now?
Customer input. (Especially on the Serv-U dll, like if home directory
handling needs to be added, etc.)
Don't forget Solutions.nu is in no way associated with the Emerald/Radius
people, the NTMail people, or the Serv-U people. Although if those companies
are interested in packaging any of these products with theirs, please
contact Solutions.nu

Danny Sinang
President - Uplink Technologies, Inc.
( Provider of "Clean" Internet Access )