Re: NTMail Authentication

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 14:43:55 -0700

Jamie Easterman wrote:
> Count me in as someone who would like Ntmail as well as Servu
> authentication against
> the radiusNT database (without the Emerald suite). Could email aliasing be
> built in ??
> I would be willing to share dev costs on this. I'm sure there are going to
> be more than 10 people with similar requirements, this should bring overall
> costs down and make it profitable for IEA to develop.

Its not a development issue. The products already exist. Its
a license issue. Most people who want this functionality are
using our competitors products which does NOT HAVE this
functionality or capability. That is one of the things that
seperates Emerald from all the rest.

Many of our competitors already use RadiusNT (some illegally) with
their products, because its fills a gap. Although we make money on
selling RadiusNT, we loose money on NOT selling Emerald. Thats
a business thing. Lets say we sell the DLL for $250. Now someone
who MIGHT have bought Emerald goes with a Cheaper competitor. We
get $495 for RadiusNT and $250 for the DLL. Thats only $650,
rather than $1495. We'd have to sell 5 of the DLLs just to make
up for the loose in revenue, and its only down-hill from there.

I'm really not trying to be thick headed about this and have
noted that I am trying to get the DLLs in the upcoming RadiusNT
enterprise license. Yes, it will cost more than a normal
RadiusNT license, but we have to make sure RadiusNT Enterprise
+ some competitor is more expensive than Emerald. Thats
just plain business, and since everyone here is in business as
well, I'll assume everyone knows what I am talking about.

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