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Chris Thomas ( (no email) )
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 07:24:13 +0800

I don't think you could stop your competitors using it, but if you don't
develop it, someone else will and your competitors will simply use that. If
you had only made RadiusNT available with Emerald, that would not have made
us purchase Emerald, we only purchased RadiusNT because one of your
competitors recommended it to us. If it was not available individually, they
would have written their software around one of the other NT based RADIUS

Microsoft, the King of monopolies, still allow their competitors to use
Win95 to write their products around. But hey, where would they be if they
only allowed you to purchase Win95 with Office, Frontpage, the Visual suite
of products etc as one big package? OS2 would look a whole lot more tempting
and you'd see the end of MS.

Anyway, all this is not an issue to us anymore, I found out that your
competitor is nearly completed an NTMail auth DLL for their product, so I
won't need your guys to write a custom version for us. So in effect you
haven't forced us to purchase Emerald (which was never a possibility
anyway), you've simply missed out on the few hundred dollars we would have
been willing to pay to get the DLL written.


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> > I agree Chris,
> > There is a demand for this feature and where there is a demand there
will be
> > a supply and I for one are willing to pay the cost.
> > I hoped that IEA would do it since they advertise "Backend Database
> > Interfaces" on their web site. But I guess (just like US Robotics and
the X2
> > modem) they want to monopolize the this feature. And look where that got
> > Robotics
> We don't want to monopolize, but how do you propose we stop all
> are competitors from using it, just like they do RadiusNT? Just
> because we are trying to keep our competitive edge doesn't mean
> we are trying to monopolize something! :)
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