Re: Eval not going great

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 13 Apr 1998 23:11:45 -0700

Steve Luper wrote:
> I downloaded and began to eval 2.2 yesterday and today. It went Ok, but I'm
> not able to get ODBC working with WINNT correctly. Knowing that 2.5 is due
> out any time, I thought that I would check it out.
> 2.5 looks good and I can do ODBC with WINNT using radlogin but when trying
> to use 2.5 in conjunction with an Ascend Max 2012, I get "Malformed packet"
> everytime a user tries to authenticate.
> 2.2 works without changing config on the Max but requires me to use text and
> not ODBC.
> What am I overlooking and how can I get everything working at the same time?

Re-read the readme.txt on RadiusNT 2.5, as it has a note about the
Malformed packet issue. I just recently went through this with another
Ascend customer, and after packet tracing the problem it was an issue
with the Ascend, not RadiusNT. 2.5 is a little more strict about
malformed packets (unless you add a registry entry), since Malformed
packets are one of the biggest causes of crashing a RADIUS server.

If you send me a -x15 -X capture of the packet, I'll quote the
RFC telling you why its Malformed so you can send it to Ascend.
You might want to check which version of AOS you are running.
Anything before 5.0Ap42 is pretty problem proned.

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