Accounting information not being verified.

Phil Le Clercq ( )
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 15:07:50 +0100

We have recently installed RadiusNT Ver. 2.2
We are using 3Com Total Control Hubs as the NAS'. Both the TCH's,
Netserver and NMC cards have the correct I/P address of the radius
server entered on them. The problem is that the dial-up user will get
authenticated no problem, but will have no accounting information. The
correct services filenames and udp ports are entered in the Winnt
services file. When RadiusNT is run in -x15 mode the accounting
information is there, the NMC retries sending the accounting info. until
it hits its set limit, then gives up. The correct I/P addresses and UDP
ports of the Netservers and NMC's are in the client database. I have
tried the NMC addresses with and without the secret and to be honest am
pretty stuck now. It seems something really fundamental......
Hope you can help, cheers.

Phil Le Clercq
Cinergy Communications