Re: Variable Login Limits not working w/ISDN??

S.k. de Graaf ( (no email) )
Mon, 6 Apr 1998 21:45:52 +0000

> We have a strange situation where it appears that the
> concurrency/LoginLimit is working for our analog callers but not for our
> callers opening two channels on an ISDN connection.
> This is happening with ver 2.2.41
> We are using a MSAccess database, we have the first six items in RadAdmin
> checked, which includes Variable Login Limits, etc.
> The subaccount we are noticing this happening on has LoginLimit set to 1
> yet they are opening two ports. They appear in the CallsOnline query
> twice, each with a start record. An manual inspection of the PM3 running
> 3.7.2 confirms that the account is truely online twice - assuming it is a
> MPP connection. Other particulars of this account are that they are static
> IP account with unlimited time.
we have exactly the same problem also with MP3 and isdn but with
dynamic IP setting. We reported this a month ago. We ourselves
thought is was related to apple-mac logins , are those at your site
also apple users?

Greetings Sikko de Graaf>