Variable Login Limits not working w/ISDN??

Scott Lagos ( )
Mon, 06 Apr 1998 06:43:20 -0400

We have a strange situation where it appears that theconcurrency/LoginLimit is working for our analog callers but not for ourcallers opening two channels on an ISDN connection.

This is happening with ver 2.2.41

We are using a MSAccess database, we have the first six items inRadAdmin checked, which includes Variable Login Limits, etc.

The subaccount we are noticing this happening on has LoginLimit setto 1 yet they are opening two ports.  They appear in the CallsOnlinequery twice, each with a start record.  An manual inspection of thePM3 running 3.7.2 confirms that the account is truely online twice -assuming it is a MPP connection. Other particulars of this account arethat they are static IP account with unlimited time.

Analog accounts that try to connect more than once get the expecteduser already logged in x times - so we know that LoginLimit is working atthat point.  Also, accounts that have LoginLimits set to more thanone are allowed to login more than once as you would expect.

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