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Lowell McLaren ( )
Mon, 06 Apr 1998 11:11:50 +1000

Let us know when Fix 2 is out,,,I too have 3 very small ISP's that can
manage with less than perfect solutions
At 09:06 AM 4/6/98 +0800, you wrote:
>Hi Rudy.
>In fairness to Microsoft, I would like to mention the following:
>1. I don't run a big company - actiually, I run a very small home-based ISP.
>2. I have talked with to Tod Edwards numerous times and I have asked for
>several features in RRAS which they have delivered to the public in RRAS
>Hotfix 1 - namely that RRAS return the NASIdentifier and NASPort
>3. There was a particular time window when Tod told me to send in my
>requsted features - just as they began coding for Hotfix 2. I suggested that
>RRAS also return the ACCT-SESSION-TIME attribute. Tod told me that they will
>do so in Hotfix 2. This will make Time Banking finally possible with RRAS.
>- Danny Sinang
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>From: Rudy Komsic <>
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>Date: Monday, April 06, 1998 7:37 AM
>Subject: Re: RRAS Accounting
>>I have previously talked with Microsoft about RRas with the Radius feature
>>the problem with Microsoft is that they DO NOT IMPLEMENT FULL Radius
>>If you really NEED full accounting features, I recommend you to get either
>>USR/3Com Netserver/16i (with the OLD code in it: refer to earlier posts
>>it) Microsoft only wants to offer Intermidiate Software level not FULL
>>professional level software.
>>For example, the new Hydra project is gonna be an Entry level Terminal
>>but if you NEED advanced features, you have to by Citrix's Master server
>>will set you back another 10k or so...
>>Thank Microsoft for NOT being Corporation Friendly unless "MAJOR
>>ask for the features they want in it. They are so basic with their
>>If any Microsoft techs read this, I would strongly suggest them to GIVE a
>>of the Sourcecode to Dale so that they can IMPLEMENT Radius NT directly
>>it, that is if IEA software would be interested in supporting the software.
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>>From: Lowell McLaren <>
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>>Date: April 5, 1998 4:36 AM
>>Subject: RRAS Accounting
>>>I'm suspecting I may be an idiot for trying to run RRAS with Radius, but
>>>I've been experimenting for two weeks and would like to try a bit more.
>>>I'm trying to use RRAS as a terminal server and would like contact with
>>>anyone who has been successful.
>>>My biggest problem at the moment is the accounting,,we only us Time
>>>and with some help from Dale, I was able to get it sort of working..
>>>However,,,the damn thing only subtracts one minute when a user logs
>>>off...even for multi link, it's one minute per user...
>>>There are other problems that I won't bother with until I find a solution
>>>to the accounting trouble.
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