Re: RRAS Accounting

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Sun, 5 Apr 1998 19:30:01 -0400

I have previously talked with Microsoft about RRas with the Radius feature and
the problem with Microsoft is that they DO NOT IMPLEMENT FULL Radius Features.
If you really NEED full accounting features, I recommend you to get either a
USR/3Com Netserver/16i (with the OLD code in it: refer to earlier posts about
it) Microsoft only wants to offer Intermidiate Software level not FULL
professional level software.

For example, the new Hydra project is gonna be an Entry level Terminal server
but if you NEED advanced features, you have to by Citrix's Master server which
will set you back another 10k or so...

Thank Microsoft for NOT being Corporation Friendly unless "MAJOR Corporations"
ask for the features they want in it. They are so basic with their software.
If any Microsoft techs read this, I would strongly suggest them to GIVE a copy
of the Sourcecode to Dale so that they can IMPLEMENT Radius NT directly into
it, that is if IEA software would be interested in supporting the software.

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From: Lowell McLaren <>
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Date: April 5, 1998 4:36 AM
Subject: RRAS Accounting

>I'm suspecting I may be an idiot for trying to run RRAS with Radius, but
>I've been experimenting for two weeks and would like to try a bit more.
>I'm trying to use RRAS as a terminal server and would like contact with
>anyone who has been successful.
>My biggest problem at the moment is the accounting,,we only us Time Banking
>and with some help from Dale, I was able to get it sort of working..
>However,,,the damn thing only subtracts one minute when a user logs
>off...even for multi link, it's one minute per user...
>There are other problems that I won't bother with until I find a solution
>to the accounting trouble.
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