Re: RRAS Accounting

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Sun, 5 Apr 1998 16:50:56 +0800

The guys at Microsoft will soon issue another RRAS hotfix ( hotfix 2 ) which
will make RRAS return an ACCT-SESSION-TIME. This should make Time Banking
finally possible for those who use RRAS with Access 97 and other non-RDBMS

- Danny Sinang

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From: Lowell McLaren <>
To: <>
Date: Sunday, April 05, 1998 4:38 PM
Subject: RRAS Accounting

>I'm suspecting I may be an idiot for trying to run RRAS with Radius, but
>I've been experimenting for two weeks and would like to try a bit more.
>I'm trying to use RRAS as a terminal server and would like contact with
>anyone who has been successful.
>My biggest problem at the moment is the accounting,,we only us Time Banking
>and with some help from Dale, I was able to get it sort of working..
>However,,,the damn thing only subtracts one minute when a user logs
>off...even for multi link, it's one minute per user...
>There are other problems that I won't bother with until I find a solution
>to the accounting trouble.
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