FW: NT SAM authentication

Michael Bradley ( BradleyM@energy.wsu.edu )
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 13:56:18 -0800

> Thanks to Mr. Hideo for the advice, however making my test users
> members
> of the local Account Operators and/or Administrators groups did not
> solve my problem. I'm getting the exact same results I described in
> my
> earlier post. Any other ideas out there? Are people who are
> successfully authenticating via the NT SAM running RadiusNT on servers
> that are domain controllers? I am willing to start over on my
> RadiusNT
> server and make it a backup domain controller if that will get me NT
> athentication, but I'd like to hear from experienced users (or Dale?)
> that this will work (or at least is likely to) before I go to the
> trouble.
> Also, how can I tell if RadiuNT is even talking to the SAM at all? I
> tried logging in via Radius as one of my test users using a bogus
> password several
> times on the hunch that NT would then disable the user account (as it
> does after multiple failed login attempts of a standard NT user) but
> found that the account was not disabled by NT--leading me to conclude
> that the SAM is not receiving authentication requests from RadiusNT at
> all. Is this a valid conclusion based on this experiment? Is there
> something I need to do in RadiuNT Administrator or the ODBC control
> panel on my Radius server machine to tell it specifically to talk to
> the
> SAM?
> Thanks,
> Michael Bradley
> Computer Support Technician
> WSU Energy Program
> "Research, Information and Solutions"