Ascend Filters and RADIUS

Scott Lagos ( )
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 08:59:42 -0500

Dale or anyone else that knows....

I found the comments below in the Ascend RADIUS docs.

You mentioned that we send the filters up to the ts in binary. I assume
that if I put the string as it appears below in the RADConfig table that
RADIUS will automatically convert it to binary because of the 4 in the
dictionary table. Correct?

# Filter to stop all WWW packets#

Ascend-Data-Filter = "ip in drop proto 6 dstport = 80",
Ascend-Data-Filter = "generic in forward 0 0 0",
Ascend-Data_filter = "generic out forward 0 0 0"#

So in RADConfig I would have something like....

RadIdConfig AccountID RaddAtrribID Data Value
x x 242 "ip in drop proto 6 ds.....'

Also, what is the deal with Ascend-Data_filter ? That underscore appears
in the last line of all the Ascend samples but I do not see it in the
Dictionary. Is that just a mistake.


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