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Thanks, the problem was in the user who was running RadiusNT. It was
running as an administrator but it seems that the default administrator
rights are not enough.

As a side question, how deep is the integration of Emerald with the SAM? I
mean, is it possible for Emerald to create NT Accounts? (This may be a
silly question but I am a bit fresh in this area and the docs I downloaded
don't have the chapter on external systems yet).

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Pedro Simoes wrote:
> I am currently evaluating RadiusNT and Emerald which (if all goes well)
> will be included in a solution we are building for a new ISP.
> So far, I have the setup running but I have one problem: I can't
> autenticate users in the NT SAM database. Could this be because I am
> running RadiusNT in a BDC? (this is a testing environment but the new
> machines will arrive shortly and RadiusNT will be running in a PDC)

You need to make sure the users have log on locally permission
on the machine running RadiusNT and that RadiusNT is running as a
user who can authenticate users.

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