Re: bug: RadiusNT & Eudora 4.0

Jim Dunmyer ( )
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 07:10:11 -0500

At 05:30 PM 3/9/98 -0800, you wrote:
>This may sound strange, but has anyone else noticed problems running Radius
>as a service and Eudora Pro 4.0 on the same machine?
>I have a filter defined in Eudora for *this* radiusnt mailing list, but
>this shouldn't be related. However, if radius is running and I fire up
>Eudora, Eudora hangs. If I "end task" on Eudora and shut down the radius
>service, I can fire Eudora up again without a problem. This repeats without
I run Eudora Pro and RADIUSNT on the same machine. Although I don't see the
same problems you do, the machine will occassionally have problems. Eudora
won't work right, Dr. Watson will kick in, and so on. I can usually bring
up Task Manager and kill Eudora and Dr. Watson and get it back, but a
reboot is sometimes required.

Had a strange one the other day: I shut down Emerald (on this same
machine), and when Eudora crapped out and I brought up T.M., I found
Emerald still in the task list, but with a very small amount of memory
used. Something like 1K or so. Killed it, and all returned to normal.