Re: verbose ODBC field definitions

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 09 Mar 1998 15:59:32 -0800

Rick Kunze wrote:
> Other than the radiusnt.doc file, and the accompanying .mdb file, is there
> any detailed instructions explaining what data to plug into an MS Access
> database? I've got it (radius) working now, but the Access database leaves
> me a little confused. (I'm pretty new to databases)

The RadiusNT documentation describes all the fields and relationships
in the database. Since RadiusNT works on many different database
systems, we do not go into detail on how to implement or use a
specific one.

I would recommend familiarizing yourself with MS Access, and then
the RadiusNT database will probably make much more sense. :)

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