RE: Loss of all connected users?

Jeff Cummings ( )
Wed, 4 Mar 1998 11:54:18 -0800

I have seen this before.

My resolution was to "reset" each port. I was able to run an update query
to reset all the fields to make them
look as though the port was empty.

A quick test to see if this is the case in your scenario would be to open
Emerald Admin, click on the Radius Button, Click on the Ports Tab, Expand
out a Terminal Server, Highlight a port and uncheck the On-Line Box. Save
it, then open up the port again, re-check the box then save it.

Then, when someone logs into that port, see if it is properly updated it.

This has worked for me.

Jeff Cummings
Fox Communications

On Wednesday, March 04, 1998 11:09 AM, Benjamin Tallman
[] wrote:
> We are experiencing an intermittent clearing of all online users. The
> users are still online, but they disappear from our list!
> Any ideas other than simple user error?
> Ben
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