Re: Ascend and Livingston, one RADIUS

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 23:59:21 -0800

Kurt Schafer wrote:
> Thanks Dale, I commented out the ABINARY entries in the Ascend dictionary
> and the Livingston Radius did indeed fire up happilly.
> I'm looking at the two dictionaries and have a couple of minor questions. I
> notice that Ascend has changed a lot of the attributes. For example the
> RADIUS spec (which I assume Livingston follows) has a 'Service-Type'
> attribute while Ascend has apparently chosen to use 'User-Service'

There is NO spec for the attribute names. You use whatever you want
in the dictionary. RADIUS itself only knows the numbers. The names
are so you don't have to deal with a bunch of numbers.

> While the functionality of these attributes is the same for their respective
> terminal servers, is there any problem sending the Ascend defined
> 'User-Service' attribute to a Livingston Portmaster as part of a users
> Radius profile ? I'm assuming that all of these attributes are actually
> passed as integer's etc but in that respect do they match ?

As I noted earlier, the names are irrelevant. The dictionary maps the
names from the users file to their respective numbers. If you dig into
the RadiusNT database, you'll note that the numbers are all that it
uses. The RadAttributes table is available for printing them out, but
internally, its all numbers.

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