Re: backup server

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 25 Feb 1998 15:23:29 -0800

Jim Dunmyer wrote:
> The problem with that approach is that our SQL database resides on our main
> RADIUS server. If IT is down for any reason, RADIUS is also down.

Dedicate a machine to your SQL Server and make it solid. Its fairly
easy to do and will eliminate this problem. Our SQL Server (whcih is
actually a PDC) has been running for about four months, without a

> Replicating the database isn't without problems, either, as we found out
> yesterday. It's fairly easy to have callers shown as "online" when they're
> not due to the manner in which that information is stored in the tables.
> The users cannot log on due to their being "already online".

We are working on these issues. The first thing I'd recommend is
checking your trigger to make sure its the latest one I've posted
to the list recently.

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