Why is ODBC so difficult?

Beverly Wise ( (no email) )
Wed, 25 Feb 1998 11:47:37 -0500

To all the members... I have been trying to use ODBC mode with Radius NT for
a week now. I can get it to work as long as I don't use my regular radius
users file in the directories tab, as long as I do have an expire field
value ( which the instructions say that this field can be NULL and it won't
expire) MaExpire that is. I can't make the maExpire field past 12/31/99 or
it says 00 if I try 2000. Now, I have asked for help, and I have gotten
some. We run great in Text mode, but in ODBC, nothing but problems, and if
I do get it to run, when I come in the next day, it has performed an error
and shut down. I want some peoples opinion on if using ODBC is really worth
the trouble?

Or if I could get someone to help me get it all straight since the
instructions obviously can't help me.

Thank You

Bev Wise
Falls City Net Services