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Greg Lowthian ( )
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 22:14:17 -0800

>We're relatively new to Emerald/RADIUSNT and are in the process of trying
>to bring up a backup RADIUS server. We're using SQL Server, and everything
>now runs on one machine.
>How do the rest of you handle this? Try to maintain a seperate server and
>somehow synchronize the databases? (there's several different ways to do
>this that we can think of)
>Is it possible to write the SQL database to a RADIUS text file and use that
>on the backup machine?

We run 3 radius server
Server1 does Primary authentication for all boxes and backup accounting for
Server2 does backup authentication for 4 boxes(local) and primary
accounting for all
Server3 does backup authentication for 3 boxes(remote)

Server1 authenticates off of ODBC/SQL
Server2 & 3 authenticate from there user files (text mode)
If the SQL server or main Radius server dumps in the middle of
the night no problem.

We run this batch file from server1 twice an hour.
We keep drives mapped to both server2 & 3.
The server file has the IP of the server you will login to
using radlogin. "radusers" dumps the SQL database as
pointed to in our case by the datasource "radius" and is
redirected to the users file >users. *reload* is a user
you create in Emerald that causes the user file to reload
when a login is attempted.

cd \radius
REM updates the user file from the ODBC database
radusers radius >users
REM copy the user file to server 2
copy c:\radius\users u:\radius\users
REM copy the user file to server 3
copy c:\radius\users v:\radius\users
REM copy server2 IP address to the server file
copy server8 server
REM login to server2 with user *reload* (reloads user file)
radlogin *reload* ????????? 1
REM copy server3 IP address to the server file
copy server10 server
REM login to server3 with user *reload* (reloads user file)
radlogin *reload* ????????? 1
REM copies default server file back
copy server0 server
REM copies default user file back
copy users1 users

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