RE: MS Access with ODBC

Beverly Wise ( (no email) )
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 11:06:28 -0500

Ok, I hate to sound like a user here, but... her is what I have checked and
it still working in both mode...

Authentication: port 1645
Accounting: port 1646 (no require secret)
ODBC is checked, text is not
Using MS Access 97
Debug: General, User, ODBC, File
Options: concurrency Control, Manual Calls Update
Directories: Data Directory : c:\radius\, Accounting Directory: C:\radius\,
Users file: users
Securtiy, used check button, worked fine

These are all I have checked and the only way it will work in ODBC is in
debug, using the -o parm. Is there something I am missing? I do have a
secret in my NAS for accounting, do I have to use that? Is there a chance
that I have to reinstall the Radius?

Thank you!

Bev Wise
Systems Operator
Falls City Net Services

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..Beverly Wise wrote:
..> Also, when starting in debug mode, using radius -x15 -o it will read from
..> the data base.. but when I install and try to run as a service, it is
..> using BOTH mode... What is wrong??!!
..Go into the RadiusNT administrator and select ONLY ODBC in the mode You are overriding the mode with -o (ODBC ONLY).
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