Re: Wrong NAS address

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 14:48:38 +0800

>> The machine running RadiusNT 1.16..60 ( and RRAS ) has several IP
addresses assigned to it.

>> Once in a while, a user is denied access because of, accdng to the
>> "Wrong NAS address" ( security breach ).

>> What do I have to do to eliminate this ? Add an entry into the Servers
>> for each IP address that I assign to the machine ?

>The Wrong NAS address is because RadiusNT received
>a request from an IP address that is not listed in the clients file
>or servers table.

Ok, I added 3 more entries in the Servers table for each IP address assigned
to my LAN card.

But all entries have the same value ( ELIJAH ) for Servers.Server because
they all share only one NetBIOS name. Is this ok ?

Do I have to enter corresponding additional entries in the ServerPorts table
for each of the IP addresses I entered in the Servers table ?

- Danny Sinang