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Mitch Wagers ( )
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 00:01:45 -0800

I'll see if I can find time tonight to make a log...I wouldn't lie about this!

At 11:21 PM 2/12/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Mitchell B. Wagers wrote:
>> I downloaded 2.2 to evaluate, Dale, and with our Bay box it was required
>> that I check that setting, not leave it unchecked...
>> Not trying to undermine you, but that's what 14.1(10) requires for their
>> Radius client, at least with the box we have...
>> Something else going on that may be affecting this?
>With RadiusNT 1.x, that option affected what RadiusNT would reply
>with to accounting records. With RadiusNT 2.2, that option only tells
>RadiusNT to check the authenticator on incoming accounting packets.
>The reply is NOT modified or different based on the option. Therefore,
>I would find it difficult to believe that option would affect
>RadiusNT working with a NAS (for 2.2).
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