Re: Radius v2.5

Jeff Woods ( )
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 09:20:15 -0500

At 03:43 AM 2/12/98 -0800, you wrote:

>> Dale, since you lifted the veil of silence, does this include EMERALD 2.5?
>No. Its JUST RadiusNT.

Well, it's an answer. ;-) Thanks. At least we know its getting closer,
since once RADIUS 2.5 is out the door, you'll likely spend more time on

(Although IMO, Emerald is the more important thing to get updated with the
features everyone's been asking for -- RADIUS already works, but Emerald is
still klunky -- but 'nuff said, no reply needed, just write code. Thanks
for the honest and straightforward answer!)